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Radon – Mold – Termite


We are certified in virtually every type of residential and commercial home inspection. Whether you are a buyer, seller, real estate agent or property manager, you can count on us for all of your building inspection needs.

Radon Testing

I use the best Radon testing equipment available. The ‘Sun Nuclear 1028’, known as a Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM). I can give you the test results immediately, facilitating a smooth transaction.

My machines are calibrated annually and crosschecked every 30 days with a recently calibrated machine.

They are tamper resistant, have battery back-up, and provide a graph that shows if the machine has been handled. The graph makes it easy to determine whether it was an innocent event such as just being picked up and looked at or nefarious, unplugged and put in the garage. Many Radon Testers use charcoal canisters due to their low cost. The outcome of these tests is easily manipulated by an unscrupulous seller.

Mold and Air Testing

Excess mold in the home is usually related to a moisture intrusion issue, or high humidity which happens to be the conditions conducive to Wood Destroying Insects.

If you desire a mold inspection it is best handled during your Home Inspection and WDI inspection. It’s your decision whether to test or not. If air sampling is performed, a sample is typically taken in the area of concern.

One sample is taken at an HVAC supply and 2 control samples are taken outside. The samples are sent to a lab for professional evaluation.

Results are typically provided in 2 business days.

columbus termite inspections

Termite and Wood Destroying Inspect Inspections

Licensed with the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture I.D. # 138718 for Wood Destroying Pest Inspection (WDI), and my experience as a remodeling contractor makes me uniquely qualified.

Termites, Carpenter Ants, and especially mold are often symptoms of a wet building. I have spent 20 years correcting water damaged homes. I am familiar with the building details and defects that cause moisture related problems.

I know where to look! And only report the facts. I have no financial interest in the outcome of your inspection.

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