While Aluminum siding is not too popular these days in the construction of homes, it can still be found on many older homes. Here are a few helpful things to know about Aluminum siding.

Is Aluminum siding durable?

Yes, it can actually last up to the life of the building, but only if it is maintained well. It doesn’t rust, and it wont be affected by termites.

How safe is it?

If installed properly, it gives great waterproof protection.

In case of a fire, it will not melt or burn.

Is it aesthetically pleasing?

It can be, as it can be easily painted, however this does tend to need to be redone every few years. It should also be noted that Aluminum siding is prone to scratches and dents which can look rather unattractive and is not too easy to fix.

Some home owners may also have a problem with the noise it can make when rain falls on it.

This is just a very simple look at what to consider with Aluminum siding , however for a more thorough inspection, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you or schedule an appointment.