Carrying out our inspection involves a variety of measures to ensure your new home is in good condition and will be functioning the way you expect it to in the future.  We keep our eye out for certain defects in different key areas of the house and one of these areas is the attic.  So we will mention certain elements that come into play when it comes to an inspection of your attic during our visit.

Firstly, it helps a great deal when the customers look at the attic before our inspection.  Is there access all around the attic so that we can see the crucial areas?  Something that is a common hindrance is when the attic is full of insulation, which wouldn’t allow us to walk around in order to inspect the attic.  Also, there could be boxes or other items that are stored which can block access.

If access is possible in the attic we can look out for moisture problems.  These moisture problems could come from a faulty roof.  We can ascertain whether the problem comes from an aged roof or faulty construction.  We can also see possible issues with the drainage in the guttering system.

Another common problem we see is when there a bathroom is vented in the correct manner. Sometimes a vent is only extended up into the attic and not outside.  If the moisture from the bathroom only extends as far as the attic, it would only add moisture to the attic which could them create a mold or rot problems.

We can see a  lot in your attic and if we can get in it, this will help you to get the most out of the inspection.