Pesticides are used in the management of insects and weeds. Depending on what they are designed to get rid of, they have differing chemical ingredients. Whatever the pesticide is used for though, they can still be hazardous to humans as well as pets.

What are some of the health problems that could be caused by exposure to pesticides?

Depending on the type of pesticide you are exposed to, will determine the type of health problem you could face. Different ingredients used for each pesticide cause different problems.

Some health problems that can occur from exposure could be anything from cancer to problems that affect your nervous system. Certain hormonal issues can also arise from this.

Although there are some symptoms that would be apparent immediately, other health issues could take some years to develop.

Symptoms also range anywhere from very mild to very severe.

Headaches, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and fatigue could be some of the more mild symptoms. Very serious symptoms can also occur, such as finding it hard to breathe, chemical burns, even finding it hard to control muscles.

Its important to note though that these are only a few of the possible symptoms of pesticide poisoning. Symptoms like these also could be the result of many other health problems that are not connected to pesticides. The important thing to consider is if you think you might have been exposed to any dangerous pesticides.

In our next article we will consider some ways to limit our exposure to harmful pesticides.